Frequently Asked Questions

How much are dice?

Artisan dice sets from our shop will often range around $130 per set. Single, average sized D20s are often sold for $30, while its chonk counterpart can cost around $60 or more depending on its details.


How much is jewelry?

Dice-specific jewelry will cost around $50 to $60. Other jewelry that does not have artisan dice attached will range from $20-30.


Do you replan to restock older designs for dice?

Yes. Older designs that are requested by popular demand will often return in each restock update.


When will you restock the dice sets or dice jewelry in your shop?

Eldritch Chaos will currently restock dice every couple of months. Please check back for updates!


I placed multiple orders during one of your updates. Can I get a refund on the additional shipping? 

It's understandable when our sets sell out quickly, it's easy to put multiple orders in to get the set you so desire. In short, yes. If you ordered multiple items and plan to ship it all to one specific address, we will often reach out via email about additional shipping when a customer has placed multiple orders. Depending on what is ordered, I may need to send out multiple packages as well. It varies per customer. If I have not reached out to you about this particular issue and you are awaiting a refund, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Do you take commissions or make custom dice?

Due to an overwhelming demand for custom dice, Eldritch Chaos does not offer commissions at this time.


Are your dice balanced?

Eldritch Chaos Dice, just like other store-bought or round-edged dice, are perfectly suitable and usable for casual play and TTRPGs like D&D.